The Silvano Arieti Association

The Association was born in Pisa on April 7, 2001 – the World Mental Health Day – on the initiative of a group of psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and University teachers, with the aim of promoting cultural and research activities and developing the numerous subjects to which Silvano Arieti devoted himself.

The Association is nonprofit. As Article 3 of its Constitution states, its aim is

  • To keep alive and to extend the tradition of dynamic psychiatry, of which Silvano Arieti was an eminent representative, by promoting every activity to the advantage and protection of mental health and encouraging research on the study and treatment of psychic disorders.
  • To promote interdisciplinary research, by developing the cooperation between neurobiologically trained and psychoanalytically trained researchers.
  • To promote cultural and training programs which aim at a deeper understanding of the body-mind problem, by updating the cognitive and evolutionary aspects already studied by Arieti.
  • To promote an interdisciplinary approach to the study of creativity, by coordinating the 
    activities of scientific, cultural and educational organizations, in order to develop it in the 
    present context of learning and in educational programs also addressed to adults and the 
  • To spread the knowledge of the thought and work of Silvano Arieti, also in areas not directly
    relevant to those mentioned above.

Whoever shares the aims of the Association and wishes to join it and support it, may apply for membership to the Executive Council.
The President of the Association is Professor Giovanni Umberto Corsini.